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DNS delegation of ns-d1.ac updated:


We pick i.root-servers.net, one of the 13 root servers (1), and ask it about ns-d1.ac and learn that ac is delegated to seven name servers (2), so we ask ns-y1.ac and get the following answer:

Authoritative answer

ANSWER for ns-d1.ac.
ns-d1.ac.86400 A64.251.31.177 ns-d1.ac points to
86400RRSIG\# 150 000108020001518058b2f3745876deec2e700261630013f7bd0e77aa461c48d1ac0289441c18afc958f2d43fd977322f0d6638b27608eb17cd00434aaa4c24c9c13bb2b8454e8de8bdc41bd717783b5c1f702069cf40011a30aa6ff6362675cba6a5ce59734f90d27c0f3a53becbb130383dc2fca8d5aab8c377d16dd10210c6eb6aa3050e5be86923507bf82180de04d73186a14a1f
86400 AAAA2607:feb8::5:5 ns-d1.ac points to 2607:feb8::5:5.
86400RRSIG\# 150 001c08020001518058b2f3745876deec2e7002616300ab9ede23ae3a8da9ee8ad8a03d903ebb1d010746735eff9b6b9df15b28117e54409c22f7823412c68a38c09a6268882a7329f35c30fb41082b46a715366ae1f640cd880f4c516ab181866a74e0a86e11ccf60db24d91a4c738fef136ba455af2cc23b3915c6ee38b981b5e7972547c3389c3d6cc277d4aa029e229f6f370a0ee
AUTHORITATIVE for ns-d1.ac.
ac.86400 NS ns-a4.ac. ac use ns-a4.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-d1.ac. ac use ns-d1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-a2.ac. ac use ns-a2.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-y1.ac. ac use ns-y1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-a1.ac. ac use ns-a1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-l1.ac. ac use ns-l1.ac as name server.
86400 NS ns-a3.ac. ac use ns-a3.ac as name server.
ADDITIONAL for ns-d1.ac.
ns-a1.ac.86400 A194.0.1.1
86400 AAAA2001:678:4::1
ns-a2.ac.86400 A194.0.2.1
86400 AAAA2001:678:5::1
ns-a3.ac.86400 A74.116.178.1
ns-a4.ac.86400 A74.116.179.1
ns-l1.ac.86400 A80.249.100.57
86400 AAAA2001:470:1f1d:244::57
ns-y1.ac.86400 A91.208.95.130
86400 AAAA2001:470:1f07:d0b::130

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